About EMR

Hello Everyone, we hope you're having a fantastic day! Don't think your day could get any sweeter? Did something break or is it worn down and in need of revamping? Contact us today for immediate quotes on your creative ideas! Here at EMR we have three values (time, quality, and efficiency) that we work to achieve through all our products.
We value time, because we know you have better things to do than wait for something to be made. We understand that in today's age, when something needs to be done, it usually needs to be done NOW, not later. We work with our customers to ensure your happiness and work to decrease your stress when it comes to production jobs. No hidden fees or surprises. We are completely transparent here at EMR!
Ever wondered if the products you received from a machine shop were truly made inhouse or were outsourced to an unknown country? Here at EMR we give you the reassurance of where your products are made. We are solemnly American made. Through this distinction we give our customers top quality parts! In addition, when you receive your products, it'll be like Christmas. We wrap each part tight in bubble wrap, secure each piece with tape, and put a bit of bubble wrap at the top and bottom for extra security. We do this so you can have the reassurance that your parts aren't getting damaged in shipping. When your parts have been received, they'll be shiny and damage free! No chips or nicks.
Lastly, we value efficiency. You will never receive a call asking for payments you have already paid, and you will never receive a call saying we cannot complete your rush order after we have made the commitment. We can give you this reassurance due to our priority to stay organized.
EMR always holds the highest standards for customer satisfaction and excellence with unbeatable prices and quick turnaround times. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at connerblevins@gmail.com or (405) 361-7991.